Education is one of the most important sectors that has suffered a lot during the ongoing pandemic. It is compelling institutions, teachers, students and parents to face the challenge and get adapted to a newer situation. In order to contribute in this regard, Volunteers of Change, an Okhla based network of community leaders, social workers and activists, has planned to hold a “Webinar on Education, Leadership and Society in the Digital Age” basically for BEd students, working teachers, educationist and functionaries of NGOs. More than 60 participants have registered so far.
In this four lecture series, the first talk was held today. Professor Abhishek Srivastava, Head Department of IT, Gopal Narayan Singh University, Jamuhar, gave a very informative talk on the theme ‘Choosing Best Career Path in Teaching: An IT Based Approach’.
He remarked that the digital divide is very much pronounced in the present world and the pandemic has only increased it. In the wake, it is very significant to enhance skills and abilities appertained to ICT in every sector, including education, he said. He informed that 40% employees of such renowned MNCs as Google and Microsoft are without degree but they are vital for the sector due to their skills. Hence, many students can acquire skills without rushing for degrees and contribute in a useful way. He mentioned that online classes is going to be a big challenge in education, and teachers have to upgrade themselves for developing, disseminating and communicating online contents.
The program was organized by Adv Ataullah Khan, VoC Prefect NGO Affairs and moderated by Mrs Nusrat Ara VoC Prefect Child Development. It was assisted by Dr Abdul Rashid Agwan, Mr Shahid Ali, Mr Shahid Raza and other volunteers.


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