About Us

Volunteers of Change, a network of social workers and activists of Okhla area, has emerged in a brainstorming meeting organized on 31st August 2014 at NOBA House, Shaheen Bagh, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, in which 25 enthusiasts of all ages participated and they all instantly became part of the proposed network, which they named it Volunteers of Change.

Gradually, more activists joined the network and became part of group activities in their chosen field. The process of expansion and diversification of its activities, and thus joining of newer volunteers, is continuous and perhaps may be theoretically unending.

Volunteers of Change is neither an organization nor a foundation but an informal network of self-motivated Volunteers who are interested to selflessly offer their time and contribution for bringing qualitative change in the life around.

Volunteers of Change mainly bank on the regular contributions of its volunteers for its recurring activities, including productive time and minimal donation.

Interested activists and social workers can join the mission by submitting Volunteer Registration Form along with the commitment to spare some time for the community development according to once own convenience and at least in one domain of activities.

Our Objective

The object of Volunteers of Change is very specific and focused: To strive for the overall development of people of Okhla by mobilizing volunteer support in the desired field of activities.

We often have many ideas for the betterment of the community and many a time feel anxious on its improper development. However, we generally do not move further beyond contemplating on our glaring conditions or regularly complaining about them, as we do not find support and encouragement to alleviate them. Volunteers of Change can be a platform for all those who are sincerely interested to do something for improving things they find in disarray.

There is no doubt that the undertaken object cannot be fulfilled unless a wider cooperation of self-motivated activists is available for this purpose. Here, we can join hands with others for a planned change in the chosen area.

Five steps have been envisaged for achieving the avowed objective.

  1. To enroll self-motivated activists for the mission.
  2. To assign specific responsibility to the registered Volunteer in his/her chosen field of interest.
  3. To constitute pertinent Domain or Group of Activity based on the mobilized activists.
  4. To train Volunteers associated with a particular group for fulfilling its targets.
  5. To conduct activities, programs and campaigns according to the agreed schemes.

All those who aspire for alleviating local conditions, and have confidence and commitment to work for it, are appealed to join the network according to their own chosen field of contribution and convenience of involvement.

If someone thinks that he/she can spare some of his/her valuable time and energies and feel prepared to share one’s dreams with others for bringing some qualitative change in the Okhla neighborhood, should not hesitate to know more about the network and its activities and to join it along with friends and those whom he/she can convince to join it.

Come forward! Dream, dedicate and develop yourself and bring the desired change in the lives of others in your neighborhood, apart from your own.

Your small contribution may be a source of big change around in due course.