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*What is Volunteers of Change?*
▪It is a platform of community leaders, social workers and activists dedicated to *transforming Okhla area into an ideal locality*.
▪It is not an organization or NGO in the traditional sense but a platform of all those who want to serve development of Okhla area in whatever way possible for them.
▪It functions in a democratic and transparent way.
▪It is open to provide cooperation to anyone working for the development of Okhla or take cooperation from anyone for the same.
▪For its routine activities its funds come from its members and associates only.
▪Since its foundation five years back, it has been active for an overall development of Okhla area.
▪It’s major achievements include formation of a team of dedicated volunteers for the cause, voter awareness and issue-based politics, reduction of dengue, drives for clean Okhla, drives for Green Okhla, propagation of the concept of street committee for better RWAs, awareness against alcoholism and drug addiction, mass support system for poor and needy, enhancement of JMI-Okhla cooperation, promotion of inter organization cooperation, promotion of dignity of women and the like.
If you like, you can formally join Volunteers of Change by filling its Volunteer Registration Form: